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LCS Estimation is a leading construction design estimation company providing high-quality, accurate, and reliable cost estimates.

Established with love, serving developers, architects, engineers, contractors, and project owners.

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Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we perform complete takeoffs of civil projects of any size and scope, from residential to commercial.
We specialize in earthwork takeoffs with using InSite Elevation Pro, which ensures accurate cuts, fills, stripping, and subgrades for civil projects. 
With InSite Elevation Pro, we can also help you determine rock excavation and topsoil quantities for your projects.


We work closely with our customers to use their labor and equipment rates to build competitive project bids. We consult with contractors to ensure that they can meet the project specifications and requirements. 
We also work with construction managers and other stakeholders to provide budgetary pricing to help owners secure adequate funding or allocate sufficient money for their projects. 
 We use Construction Link Software to provide accurate hard bid estimates for customers bidding on projects.

Project Management

Assist contractors with project management duties, such as planning, scheduling, budgeting, and reporting
Ensure projects are completed on time, within scope, and according to specifications and requirements
Communicate effectively with stakeholders, team members, clients, and vendors throughout the project lifecycle

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